Financial Independence

Playing with FIRE Trailer: COMING SOON


At a time when 34% of Americans have zero savings, and another 35% have under $1,000, imagine discovering a simple formula to become financially independent decades before you turn 65. FIRE, referred to by some as “the ultimate life hack,” is a burgeoning lifestyle, community, and movement where everyday middle-class earners of all backgrounds retire as young as 30 years old to rewrite the script on modern living and pursue their true passions. “Playing with FIRE” chronicles that magical movement and one family’s quest to attain financial freedom by the age of 40. It will follow Scott, his wife, Taylor, and their two-year-old daughter as they discover FIRE; buck the consumerism trend and go for achieving it. To do this, they embark on an epic journey across the world to learn everything they can about this interesting way of life, the inspiring people who live it, and what makes them tick. 

Viewers will come along as Scott and Taylor leave one perceived “dream life” in California and transform their lives into a new one which costs 70% less. They will examine FIRE’s practical spending and investment philosophies and its underlying goals of optimizing happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in life. “Playing with FIRE” will capture the truths and dispel the myths of what it feels like to embrace FIRE - the elation, stresses, joys, fears, realities, etc.

Scott and Taylor will attend premier FIRE and related events: Mr. Money Mustache World Headquarters (“MMM WHQ”) Grand OpeningChautauqua EcuadorFinCon, and Camp Mustache, to name a few. They will embed themselves into this fascinating community and introduce viewers to many of the pioneers, bloggers, authors and community members of FIRE. These are the people who stand as examples, publicly sharing in detail their lives and methods, introducing the world to these stealth wealth superpowers and proving FIRE is possible. 

Scott, as executive producer, will be working full-time on this “Playing with FIRE” through 2018. His creative and equity partners on the project are Emmy Award-winning Director Travis Shakespeare and the Emmy Award-winning team at Only Today Productions ( with whom Scott has an almost decade-long professional and personal relationship. Together they will work to be stewards of this remarkable story and amazing life-changing phenomenon – this fascinating subculture of wonderful yet "ordinary" people who are doing the extraordinary. We invite you to come along!