Mr. 1500

Before a bad day at work in 2012, Mr. 1500 had no idea that anyone retired before the age of 65. In October of 2012, that all changed. The overwhelming stress of his job caused him to Google "How do I retire early?" Two early retirement blogs popped up in the results; Mr. Money Mustache and Get Rich Slowly (J.D. Roth). BOOM! His life was instantly changed.

These blogs provided him with a blueprint for leaving his job. Much more than that, they showed him a better way to live. His goal was to build a debt-free* portfolio of $1,000,000 within 1500 days of starting his blog. Mr. 1500 reached his goal early, and the blog now generates 150,000 page views a month. He left his job in 2017 and has never looked back. 

You can find Mr. 1500 at his blog, on Twitter @retirein1500 or Facebook.