Playing with FIRE:

How far would you go for Financial Independence?

Hitting the airwaves in 2019

Financial Independence Podcast

Published by 99 Bravo

At a time when 34% of Americans have zero savings, and another 35% have under $1,000, imagine discovering a simple formula to become financially independent in 10 years or less. This relatable and compelling journey will help empower listeners to live a rich, happy and fulfilled life. The problem is, our society is shy to talk about money. We call it personal finance, but I believe it's become far too personal. We put too much value on the idea of money, which detracts from focusing on our most precious resource, time. We want to share with the world that you can control money, and thus gain back your time. It's far simpler to achieve financial independence than I ever imagined, but that doesn't make it easy. I saw the value of FIRE to my family – a gift that was so freely made available to us – and I immediately wanted to pay it forward. That is the simple mission of “Playing with FIRE” - to bring awareness of this framework to more people, so that they too can have a chance to achieve financial independence.