ChooseFI Episode 37: Playing with FIRE | The Documentary
In today's podcast we speak with Scott Rieckens, the creative force behind the upcoming FI documentary called ‘Playing With Fire' and we learn about his FI journey and this exciting project.

ChooseFI Episode 62: Manifest Destiny of FI | Travis Shakespeare
Travis Shakespeare is Directing the upcoming documentary, Playing With FIRE. He talks About Discovering FI, How FI Has The Power To Change The World, And How One Misinterpretation Caused Him To Reach FI Much Sooner Than He Should Have.

NPR’s Here & Now: Want To Retire In Your 30s? Millennials Say They've Got The Formula
A growing number of people are trying to make changes in their lives that will allow them to retire as early as their 30s. One movement called F.I.R.E. — Financial Independence, Retire Early — promotes increasing savings, downsizing lifestyle and investing aggressively.

Afford Anything Episode 131: How We Slashed Our Costs 70 Percent and Gained Happiness
Scott talks about finding FIRE with host Paula Pant, and how it set the course of his families life on fire. And (spoiler alert!) … how did they get so enthusiastic about financial independence that they decided to create a documentary about their journey into this lifestyle? Find out in episode 131.

FIRE Drill Podcast Episode 84: Saving 70% of Your Income to Be With Your Kids
Are you pursuing financial independence so that you can spend more time with your kids?

Taylor always thought she would want to work after having a baby but that plan quickly changed once she had her daughter, Jovie.  Taylor and her husband Scott realized that they didn’t have the funds so that she could stop working.  Scott discovered the concept of financial independence one day when going for a walk with their baby and became inspired.  He’s a documentary film maker and decided to completely uproot their life and make a documentary about their FI journey called Playing with FIRE.

Two Frugal Dudes Episode 86: Financially Independent Retired Early (FIRE) Community, Non-FIRE Neighbors, Switching to Internet Cable TV
On this episode of Two Frugal Dudes, we’re Playing with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) with guest Scott Rieckens from Playing with FIRE.

Financial Freedom Podcast EP 6: Creating a Meaningful Life w/ Travis Shakespeare

In this episode I chat with Travis Shakespeare, the Director of Playing with FIRE, a documentary about the financial independence retire early movement. While we chat about what he's learned making the movie and the FIRE movement, we go deeper on what it means to live a creative life, the power of stories, how to create more freedom in your life at any level of wealth, and more.